Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Release Date: March 25, 2016

Ever since the incredible success of The Avengers, DC comic fans have been asking: When can we see a Justice League movie? Well now, we are one step closer. Superman: Man of Steel performed so well at the box office, a sequel was expected. What wasn’t expected, was the announcement at Comic-Con 2013, that not only would there be a sequel, but that it would be Batman versus Superman. The release date has now been set as May 6, 2016 and fans are drooling over every little bit being leaked about this movie.


Batman Fighting SupermanNon-comic book fans may ask: If Superman and Batman are both heroes, why would they be fighting each other? Here’s a geek’s explanation; Superman is a beacon of light and hope, he brings villains to justice while following the laws of the land to the letter, leading some to label him “boy scout”. (The killing of Zod in Man of Steel is the exception to this, but I’m sure Superman will deal with it in the sequel.) When Superman encounters Batman, he sees a dark man, who beats villains to a pulp and takes the law into his own hands. On the flipside, Batman (who has no powers) is confronted with an alien with seemingly unlimited capabilities and one weakness, who’s intentions he neither knows, nor is willing to trust. There’s bound to be some disagreement there.


Man of Steel Returning Cast

The cast of Superman: Man of Steel who weren’t killed off will be returning: Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, and Diane Lane. Expect them to be just as good in this film.


Ben Affleck costumeNow for the elephant in the room; Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman. News of this sent social media fans into a posting frenzy and most of the reaction was horribly negative. But is it justifiable? I’ll concede that Ben Affleck’s last superhero role wasn’t my favorite…okay it sucked. But since that time, he has more than proven himself to be a talented actor, just watch The Town and Argo for proof. I also find it incredibly unfair that many are quick to judge his performance when we haven’t even seen it yet. Does anyone remember the reaction when it was announced that Heath Ledger was going to be the new Joker? If not, take a look. Everybody needs to just calm down, and give Ben the benefit of the doubt.

Gal GadotGal Gadot (Fast and Furious) will take on the role of Wonder Woman. What her role in Batman v. Superman will be is hard to say, but I’ll take what I can get.


Jason MomoaAquaman HookJason Momoa (Conan the Barbarian) has been cast as Aquaman. Which version of Aquaman will be presented is anyone’s guess. Will it be the orange wearing man who talks to fish (hopefully not)? Or perhaps the hook-for-a-hand viscous king of Atlantis?


Ray FisherVic Stone will also be making an appearance in the new film and will be played by newcomer Ray Fisher. Vic Stone, as you may or may not know becomes the superhero Cyborg. Though, whether the transformation happens in this movie or one to come is unknown.


Jesse EisenbergJesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor? Really? Well, I guess it makes sense. Nowadays a billionaire could easily be a young, internet savvy man, like, say, Mark Zuckerberg. I just want to see if he’s going to shave his head.


64th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsWhere would Batman be without his trusted, and beloved butler Alfred, played by Jeremy Irons who seems to me to be a great fit. Personally, I would like to see Alfred’s role be more than an old nanny and be more like the gun-toting ex MI-6 agent he was in Beware the Batman.


Hunter, Okamoto,  and MulveyHolly Hunter, Tao Okamoto, and Callan Mulvey have also signed on for this project, but it’s not known in what role. Perhaps one or all of them could be the main villain who is reported to be under the control of the brilliant, yet evil Lex Luthor.


Justice League

The list of superheroes in this movie keeps on growing, and with the sheer number of Justice League member to choose from, we can only wonder, who’s next. The Flash? Green Lantern? Martian Manhunter? Whatever happens, I’ll be geeking out about it.

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